Our Hud-1a software allows you to create a Hud1a

settlement statement on your computer, quickly and easily.



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2014 hud 1a software

Real Estate Professionals        You can now make Hud-1a's on your computer.  Easily make as many changes as you need. 





Generate all the


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Now you can produce a Professional looking HUD-1a for:

Refinances and transactions that do not involve a seller instantly right from your computer.

What is a Hud-1a? - The Hud1a is a settlement statement for transactions without sellers.

HUD-1a Generator  is an excel file that allows you to input your information and numbers and print a professional settlement statement.   There are formulas in the sheet to assist with calculations and totals.

Features - Hud1a Software

New Hud1a 2014 Version (3 pages)

Professionally formatted.

Formulas help with calculations and totals

Unlimited use  make as many Hud-1 as you need

Designed for Legal paper  8.5 x 14

Easy to adjust numbers or make changes

Digital delivery - no waiting for shipment

Customize it - Change the font type, font size, etc.

Excel spread sheet

Works on Mac, if you have Excel or openoffice.org (free)

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  • Quickly and Easily Create Hud-1a

  • No Waiting on someone else, you can create your HUD-1a whenever you want.

  • Save as PDF files  - to Email the Hud1a to lenders or clients

  • Hud-1a is accepted by all Lenders

  • Easy to do,  just type in your information and print a professional copy.

  • Simple to use

  • Easily open previous hud's and make quick changes, if needed.

  • No upgrades to purchase

  • No Monthly fees

  • No Registration codes


Bonus 1: HUD-1a Instructions - Instructions on how to fill-in and prepare a complete HUD-1a statement.

Bonus 2: PDF software - Allows you to convert word, excel and other files into PDF format. 

Bonus 3: Real Estate Terms Dictionary (A $19.90 value) (PDF format)


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Hi Mike.  

I absolutely love the Hud-1 form Generator.  It makes my job so easy. I love that it does all the math for me.  It's really the best $29 I've ever spent on my business!


Mike I am totally pleased with the HUD-1 settlement statement I acquired from you. I recommend it without reservation to all I meet and for anyone seeking to get HUD-1 form  Generator from you! Thanks for making it available,

Lou T.
New Mexico

Hud-1 software is very easy to use. I can generate a Hud-1 in few minutes. I just plug in the necessary numbers and it populates it and it does the calculation for you. Its fast and simple to use.

Before I ordered the Hud-1 Settlement statement, I was doing all of the calculations manually and it took me a while to do that. Now I can generate several Hud-1 statements in minutes, thanks to the Hud-1 form Generator. I highly recommend it to all Real Estate Professionals.

I am very satisfied with the Hud-1 Generator and the price is a real bargain.

William M., Broker

Hi Mike,

I found the Hud-1 software to be very helpful and easy to use. I am currently using it for my short sales investing. I will recommend it to anyone that has a need to use the Hud-1 in their business.

Rey B.

Yes the HUD1 was helpful. Instead of calling the Title company every time to make changes I can just do it myself


The HUD 1 Generator was very helpful.  With short sales banks want to see a preliminary HUD 1.  This helps me to put my short sale packets together quickly and get them in to the bank without having to wait.

u. a.

Hud1 form is very easy to use and extremely helpful for completing Short Sale packages.



I have used other HUD-1 generators that came equipped with complex wizards that were difficult and cumbersome to use.  Your's is simple, straight forward, and so easy to use.  I highly recommend it.

Tom M.

Dear Mike,

I needed a HUD-1 form to use in a commercial real estate transaction, as the HUD-1 is the standard form to use in real estate.  I found your HUD-1 generator easy to purchase and download, affordable and very easy to use.

Paul C., attorney, Massachusetts

Thank you very much.  I think your program is easy to use, accurate, and most importantly,  efficient.

Daniel G. D., Esq.

Over the last several years, I have search for an economical HUD software program to use in the classroom and just recently came across yours.  My only disappointment is that I just found your program this year.

Thanks for making my job easier.


"For those of us in the Real Estate business, short sales have become a way of life.  A HUD 1 is required by all banks when an offer is submitted. Mike Shackeford's program is an invaluable tool that auto to create a HUD 1.  

Doreen L.

We're doing many short sales, and the HUD-1 needs adjusting by the listing agenet as quickly as possible to satisfy the lenders. We use your HUD-1 generator to enable the listing agent to make these HUD-1 changes so we can be exteremely resposive to the lender in getting short sale approvals.

Duncan H.